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NOTHING BEATS A GREAT DEAL....but you might have to forgo a few minor details.

                            Want It: Chloe 750$                          Get It:  Rosegold $168                                   

Want It: Alice by Temperley $525          Get ItUrban Outfitters $39.99 
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ABOVE ARE 2 SUMMER STAPLES I'D LOVE TO GET MY HANDS ON. Question is, am I willing to forgo the little things that make the more expensive piece extra special?

I Love how the Chloe shoe has a double ankle strap, but the price is sooooo much more than the lighter colored Rosegold shoes. And I love how the Alice by Temperly skirt has those angled zippered pockets.... and the leather or quality of the material is probably much nicer than the Urban Outfitters version. Some other things to take into consideration, (besides budget), are...

 **Does the double ankle strap of the pricier shoe flatter more than the single? (Yes, if your legs are a little thin...the added strap will help your calves look a little more shapely. No, if you feel your legs and calves are already curvy or muscular). 
**Do the angled zippers of the pricier skirt flatter your shape? (Yes, if your hoping to add some curves and accentuate your hips...the eyes will be drawn to them. No, if  you are trying to minimize large hips.)

**Is the total look once styled with the rest of the outfit going to be much different? If your going to pair the skirt with a long flowy top, you probably wont see the zippers anyway. And the shoes, although a lighter shade in the less expensive version, probably wont change the look of the outfit all that much.

What do you pay attention to when deciding whether or not to splurge?

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  1. Maybe splurge on one of the pieces? I am a sucker for buying whatever is most comfortable!

  2. I splurge on work trousers, running shoes, and good jeans! Oh and anti-aging products (haha) I buy cheap dresses & fashion tops!

  3. I agree with ELVI...accept I don't run, so I splurge on sandals, heels, wedges, boots and any shoe that screams "HOT"!!! ;0)

  4. Alright the budget shoes I could love with but you definitely need to splurge on that Alice skirt. It's gorgeous


  5. I don't think out things well enough. I never splurge but I may end up wasting $$ on something cheaper that ends up killing my feet or falling apart. I may have saved $$ by not splurging, but I've wasted $$ on something that I'll wear once.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  6. If I were you, I'd probably splurge on one of the pieces... whichever one is screaming, "BUY ME!!" to you. =) The only things I ever splurge on are running shoes because I need the best or I'll end up with shin splints and aching knees. Anything else, well, I go for the cheap stuff because I'm usually broke. lol

  7. I'll splurge if I know I can wear the item a lot of different ways. I bought a Rebecca Taylor dress for around 350 and I wear it ALL. THE. TIME.


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