Lovely Layers

Here's a heads up for whats coming next week:

I happen to strongly believe that layers make any outfit more interesting....

Being that one of my most popular posts happens to be "My Many Layers", I decided to do a fun new link-up for a while...
I'd love to see how all of you layer with shirts, cardigans, jackets, vest, etc. It will start this coming Monday but I wanted to give you all a heads up.


For example, this outfit above was created with 3 different layers, one being a dress I used as a skirt:

*Must post a picture of you wearing an outfit with at least 2 different layers. (I was considering enforcing a 3 layer rule, but it is summer so I'm gonna go easy on you all....wouldn't want anyone passing out from heat stroke!) rules may change come Fall.....
***Must post my button on your blog...any entries who do not will be deletedbecause hey, we gotta spread the word about this link party so more can join!

Grab my button

I will of coarse, be joining every monday with you, showing off my latest and greatest layered outfit, and in addition, will be sharing a layer of my life/personality.

Cant wait to see your next pics this coming Monday, oh and dont worry, I'll post the directions every monday for exactly how to link up;)

PS, even if you don't have a picture to link in, be sure to check back with us on Monday to get inspiration and see how others layer their lovely outfits!!!


  1. love this outfit! sooo cute :)

  2. Love that you turned the dress into a skirt. That bottom on the dress is so pretty and fun. Great idea for a link up!

  3. Amazing photos

  4. I love the texture of your skirt mixed with the cardigan. So lovely. :)

    This sounds like tons of fun, Mimi! I think I'll join you on Monday!

  5. that skirt is so cute!
    this is a cool idea to involve your followers!


  6. I love layering but its just too hot to do here in the tropics even when its raining. I do that a lot when I visit my family in the US during spring time :)

    Anyway, great blog. Follow each other?

    Definitely, Maybe

  7. Great idea,lovely;)
    I love your outfit especially the dress-skirt:)
    I just found your blog,it's very cute.I added to your followers:)I'm very happy if you follow me too

  8. I love your blog and ur style!!! Am so following and visiting back every now and then :)

    Thx for dropping by my blog too :) keep mor posts comin! :)

    Erika ( )

  9. Love the outfit and especially the dress! xx


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