Straps in the Back

I guess some would say that I just pulled a major "Don't."
Showing bra straps is a touchy subject for some.  I pulled my hair up in the picture, but when let down, the bright bra peeks out only a tad. And hey, it's super hot outside, so we all want to be comfortable.

I've seen this done in fashion magazines where the model actually shows the front of the bra.  I guess its becoming a little bit more accepted.

I would not pull this look in a professional environment, or the first time meeting my in-laws. But other than that, I don't mind it when you can see straps a little. Especially if its a pretty color that goes along with the color scheme you already have going on.

What are your rules for straps? Are they a hell no!? Or a why not?! Its ok to be honest, you wont hurt my feelings;)

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  1. I don't show bra straps, but I'm lucky enough (if you can call it lucky) to have a small chest so can wear strapless bras. I don't mind seeing them on people, I loved Madonnas 80's looks with bras showing.
    Oh and you look fabulous here.

  2. Amazing dress! LOVE the colors and the pattern! I am not one to show my straps (at least intentionally!) but it doesn't bother me when other people do. Like you said, I think it's situational as far as when it is appropriate. For a casual day, it looks just fine.

  3. For my own style, I personally do not care for bra straps showing, but it doesn't bother me in the least if others choose to do it.

  4. I like it and is very important to feel comfy with the clothes :)
    I love the "model dog in the sofa :)"

    See you!

  5. I love the back detail of that vest! And yeah, I agree with you on the bra issue. It's summer. It's hot. It's humid. I just want to be comfy. And there are ways where one can show their straps and not look skanky. As long as it doesn't look skanky, I'm fine with it!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. I don't necessarily see a problem with it if the situation isn't overly conservative--sometimes you need to show a little bra/bra strap!

  7. I love the pattern on your dress!

  8. Love it..I say show's not like your in a leopard dress on the side of the street ;O) haha Loving this outfit!!!


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  9. I don't normally like to show bra straps, or see bra straps on others, unless if they are black or a lovely colour likes yours. Though I HATE those transparent bra straps.

  10. I really like the idea of showing a pop of color in a look through a bra. It doesn't bother me when its intentional like this or works well with the outfit. But call me a free spirit, in the summer if I can go without...I will go Love this dress though and the vest is really cute!!

  11. Carrie ALWAYS showed Bra Straps! I'm neither here nor there with it..but wearing a pretty color that matches the way yours does is completely acceptable in my book.

  12. I personaly like it when some people show their bra straps. Its a change in what i normally see, and sometimes it really works with their outfit. It worked with your outfit! haha :-)

    x mordrian

  13. It does not bother me when peoples bra straps show as long as it goes with the vibe of the outfit and situation. I like the blue straps peeking out from that great little vest.

  14. If done well, showing straps can look pretty cool and perfect for any casual event. You're definitely pulling off the look well.

  15. As long it's a cute bra that's obviously meant to go with the rest of the outfit I'm a big fan! You look so cute here, I like the print on the dress.



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