Transition Dresses

There's always a couple dilemmas this time of year when it comes to shopping:

Do I force myself to think about Fall clothing even though I'm still sweating my face off?

Do I buy all the great merchandise now before it sells out, but then have to leave it in my closet untouched for a while?

The cool thing about many of the Fall 2011 look books, is that they pair cute dresses (some even include summery whites and florals), with jackets or cardigans. Thus, demonstrating how easy it will be to transition your cute sundresses come Autumn, and also to shop now, wear now without the jacket!

Here's a cute Fall look I can feel good about now, just by storing the jacket til mid September:

Are you guys already thinking about your Fall wardrobe?

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  1. Love this look you have put together, just what I needed to see to get my head in Fall (Autumn) mode :0)

  2. I love the picked shoes


  3. Love the things you picked lady. Yes, I am sooooo excited for fall clothes. I bought the most gorgeous Calvin Klein wrap sweater and I can't wait to wear it....ha


  4. I still buy all my fall clothes in the summer! I know I'll wear them later.. so it's no big deal :) I love that mango dress!

  5. Sometimes i wish we had 4 seasons... we only get two: sunny or rainy - so
    I guess it's always, spring, summer and sometimes ALMOST fall.
    So there is almost no transition clothes wise -

  6. I love the Shoes, Dress, BLAZER, Earrings, Clutch.....I LOVE IT ALL!!


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