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Cool idea for DIY nail designs: Take a piece of tape, cut out a design, smack it on the nails, and....whallah! The site I referenced has so many cool ideas...check it out. 

In other news, my favorite fall color from Opi, "You Don't Know Jaques" is now available in matte!!! Hooray!!

One last tip from Use cooking spray to set your manicure!!
Pretty cool!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!
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  1. I like that idea of making a pattern with tape!
    You know you can always get ESSIE matte clear nail polish, it makes ANY color matte.

  2. wow! i love that tape idea. And I just read the last comment and learned even more! I've been wanting matte polish forever!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  3. Wow, just found your blog! I love the look and that's such a chic color especially with the black design on it. Great post, following you now
    Also, what a good idea with the cooking spray. I had no idea

  4. Wow - great idea about the tape!! Will have to try that!

  5. Great tips! Love the tape idea x

  6. @Lorena, Thank you! I had no idea they had a clear polish that makes any color matte! I'll have to get it!


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