Easy to Make Colorful Necklace

I made this necklace in about 10 minutes.
My mother in law had given me some gorgeous beads some time ago, since she knows that I not only work in metals but that I've taken up beading as well. 

The best thing about making your own, is that its instantly gratifying, and you get to choose excatly what  length and color you want. It absolutely kills me that stores like Anthropologie or Urban outfitters would sell something like this for  50-60 dollars. Actually, I'm pretty sure the quality of my own is better since I know the beads are high end and it wasn't whipped out of some factory machine.

What You Need:
Beading pliers
LG and SM jump rings
Beads of your choice
Beading wire
2 sizes Gold chain

I'm not going to go into a step by step because there are already tons of beading tutorials online, and you can also buy these better quality, similar handmade necklaces on places like

PS I'm thinking of adding a clasp that will allow me to lengthen or shorten the necklace depending on what top I wear with it...

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  1. Lovely. Can't believe it only took ten minute.

  2. those beads are beautiful!!
    you are looking great!!

  3. that necklace is absolutely beautiful! :)

  4. Gorgeous!! That Mother in Law of yours has GREAT taste!! ;)

  5. wow that is a great color! I have to admit I been wanting to make my own....but I am sucker for being lazy and just buying them...haha

  6. Hi Mimi:
    I love this necklace. I've been wanting to start doing my own jewelry as a hobby, but I really don't think that I will show much talent like you do. I don't have any training, just my desire to do something new. When are you planning to launch your collection? I would love to stop by and see your pieces.

    PS: I am a new subscriber and I am loving your blog very much!


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