On A Cold December Day

My Outfit
Jacket: APC Socks: Falke
Dress: Boots: Frye
Tights: Aritzia Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Botkier

I own a snowflake dress! Is that cheesy? Oh well...
Since it has been freezing cold, and its also December, I had the chance to wear this sweater dress that really can only be worn during this festive time of year anyway! 

I love it and it actually fits because it was meant to be loose to begin with. I'm finding that you can still wear items in your normal wardrobe that arent necessarily maternity, if you owned some straight, stretchy clothes already.

I'm sure by the 9th month (2.5 mo's from now), I'll be singing a different tune, but I highly recommend that new moms wait a while and see what fits before going crazy shopping for maternity.

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  1. I wore regular clothing with my 1st child up until delivery. My 2nd child was a TOTALLY different story. I was in maternity by month 4.

    Cutest sweater dress ever. Totally not cheesy!!

  2. I LOVE the snowflake dress and how great that it still fits. Love the Frye boots too. I practically live in mine this time of year.

  3. I don't think your snowflake dress is cheesy AT ALL. I love the mix of patterns and those great boots.

    The Suburb Experiment

  4. Such a great dress...perfect for the season. Love how you paired it with the patterned scarf! You are looking great!

  5. You look absolutely adorable...that dress is so perfect..a must for the holidays! :-)


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