The Black Trick Works!!! And the Winner Announced!

Proof that black really is slimming: 
From the front (you have to look hard to find the bump):

From the side: There's the bump, no doubt!
(The Chloe bag is still bigger than my belly! Thank God!!! Can you imagine trying to push that out?!!!)

Up close shot of scarf and jewelry:
I've never tried a skinny scarf with a button down collared shirt before, but I think I like it!

And a closer look at my favorite knee highs:
I'm wondering if I should retire these boots...
Thoughts? I've been wearing them for soooo long and I think I'm blinded by my attachment to them. They are 5 years old now!

On another note,

Congratulations to the Gleam Gloss Winner:
Kate!!! I'll be contacting you today!

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  1. You are looking as adorable as ever! I have a pair of boots I wear all the time too and have gotten repaired once, so, I say if you love them, keep them because they still look stylish and FAB! Congrats to Katie too!!!

    Liesl :)

  2. Im so excited to win the lip glosses! Sorry about the follower confusion, I thought I was but I must not have clicked all the way through. I fixed it and will email you back in a few. Looking good in black :)

  3. congrats! You're expecting! You look radiant and fabulous. I like the skinny belt next to the cute bump, really adorable. You look great in this neutral outfit, you're a gorgeous mommy!


  4. You look lovely, it shows people you can still be stylish with a lovely bump, when I was pregnant I wore a lot of black dresses :) good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xx

  5. You look super precious!! I wore a lot of black during pregnancy and boots are great!! Congrats to Katie!! xx

  6. The boots look cute and are perfect for walking around so I think you should hold onto them for a bit longer :)

  7. Love can barely tell from the front! I now am disturbed thinking about pushing that bag out...ah...thank god it is only a baby!!

  8. Keep the boots. I have a matching pair that I wear every winter too.

  9. Goodness you are adorable! I love how you layered this outfit...I had such a difficult time when I was pregnant finding pieces as cute as this. Loving those boots!

  10. I love the's a great look for pregnancy!! You look wonderful...such a cute bump!


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