The bracelet on my left hand used to be my Grandma's. I love it and think it looks so great with everything. Hand me downs through different generations are something you believe are so cheesy and uncool as a kid, but as an adult relish in the value of them. 

Its crazy to think that someday my little baby in this stroller might very well have kids of his own. I wonder what they will think of all the things I own.  I would love to pass on my favorite posessions to them. I hope my grandkids end up wearing and using at least some of my stuff because I like to think that hand-me-downs are blessed by the people who once owned them:)

On another note, I love my new pants!!

I think pairing orange like I did, or neon pink or yellow, is such a fun way to wear them!

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  1. Grandma's bracelet is beautiful. I noticed it right away.

  2. You look lovely, those bracelets are so pretty, particularly the gorgeous hand-me-down from your Grandma :)
    L x

  3. I love the sentiment, wearing grandma's bracelet. I just started wearing one of my nana's too and I love knowing she is there with me! You are looking great in those pants!! I hope Beau is doing great!

  4. I love hand me downs from relatives. There is just something magical about them. Just a few months back, my 90 year old great aunt gifted me her wedding dress- she has no kids. She married in her 40s so it is a simple cocktail dress. I cannot tell what an honor it was.


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