The Necklace of Champions

What is up with Anthropologie having the most amazing necklaces lately?
My New Necklace

Cheesy Photo of Me Wearing My New Necklace

 I loved this one soooo much that I even went back out, with baby in tow, to the Antrho store in Soho to get my mom one. Which by the way has no ramp for strollers and wheelchairs, so I had to stand outside and wait for someone to help me up the stairs. Since noone offered a hand, I had to call the store on my cell, tell them I was out front, and patiently wait for someone to help me lift Beauxs stroller. Have to do this at a lot of different places in the city because it seems there are stairs EVERYWHERE! (Funny I never noticed this fun fact before the baby). Not that I mind toting baby Beaux around, but after spending the whole day doing this at stores and restaurants, I'm physically EXHAUSTED! New York is not the easiest city for moms who want to take their babies everywhere, but at least all the walking and heavy lifting will help shed the baby weight!! Whoop whoop!!

Anyway, here are some more from Anthropologie that I lurve:)

I'd gladly walk, run, climb, and carry Beaux all around this city for any of these;)

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  1. wish I have them all

    Can u follow?

  2. Gorgeous necklaces!! And I can understand what you mean, so many places don't have ramps or easy ways for ladies to get in and out with their prams, it's a bit of a drama. Makes me think of people in wheelchairs and how hard it must be for them all the time. Every place should have access for prams and wheelchairs really and assist people!! xx

  3. I thought the exact same thing when I walked into anthro over the weekend!!

  4. That necklace is all sorts of fabulous!! You must have loved it if you took Beau out in the non stroller friendly city!!

  5. Just last week I was browsing the Anthro site - they have the most gorgeous necklaces, a bit expensive though.
    This is a beautiful necklace, the combination is fabulous.
    I guess when you have a baby everything does change because you have a different perspective and needs.

  6. ooh...love those necklaces...off to check out their website :)


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