Dry Hair in a Hurry: Goodie Vs. Gimmickie

I recently purchased some new items to help me get ready faster... Small fry (my baby, Beaux), is taking up a lot of my time, and honestly I'd rather spend that half hour it takes to blow dry my hair, playing with him! It's always interesting to try out new products that claim to save time. 

So, are these products a gimmick? After weeks of putting them to the test, here's what I concluded: (click each link to buy)

Baby Bliss Hair Dryer - I definitely notice a faster dry, but it is only minimal unless I use the hottest setting. Mine is an older version, but this brand is used by professional stylists, has an extremely long chord and lasts forever. Verdict: Goodie
Microfiber Paddle Brush - at first, I thought this brush was a complete waste...the microfiber inside the bristles is not nearly as absorbent as a microfiber towel would be. However, after trial and error, I found that if I ran this through my hair as I was blow drying, it in fact really did speed up my overall styling time. Verdict: Goodie (but only if used simultaneously with blowdryer).
Water Wicking Comb - All I can say about the comb is that it's great at getting out far as "water wicking" it really doesnt seem to be to so great.  Verdict: Gimmickie
Pearatin Serum - This Pearatin hair serum is AWESOME. My mother was staying with us for a few days and used this once...she immediately went out to buy some for herself. It definitely helps shorten my dry time, leaves my hair smooth and conditioned and smells delicious. Verdict: Goodie

Have you guys tried these?

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