Misty Watercolor Memories

We are relocating to L.A at some point in the future, and I'm already wondering if this part of my life will just be a misty memory (hence the post title). I kind of cant believe how unpredictable life is. Seven years ago I never in a million years would've thought I'd be living in New York, and now here I am moving on to yet another brand new adventure in sunny California. 

We've had such a great life here. This city opened up a whole new world for us that we never knew was out there. I truly believe that I'm leaving here a different person. I not only grew up quite a bit, but I also grew a set (of balls that is). 

I came here quite intimidated, actually, but I pushed myself to go out of my comfort zone and really explore not only this amazing city, but also myself.   I tried soooooo many new things, signed up for tons of different classes, and made so many great friends. I used to walk through the diamond district on my way to buy supplies with my head down, fearing eye-contact with the pushy dealers, and men yelling "we buy gold". Now I walk by at ease and occasionally say hello, and laugh at myself for thinking that New Yorkers were any tougher than people anywhere else. 

Soon we will create new memories with our new little family, but I feel positive that this time in my life will stay with me forever....don't worry though, I'll still be doing plenty of New York outfit posts (my hubs has to come back often for work and I 100% plan on joining him).

PS I love my watercolor dress above. You can get it 

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  1. At least you are moving someplace warm and sunny! That is always exciting :)

    Love your dress and how you accessorized it.

  2. very nice article... thank to share.. i love it.

  3. Love this post. My younger sister felt the same way when she moved to New York with her husband and now it's like she grew up there. Love this dress too...It's so perfect for the summer!
    I'm following you on bloglovin! I'd love for you to check out my blog and follow me if you like!

  4. Love your viewpoint on being a new Yorker! So why the move to LA? That dress is fabulous!!

  5. The dress is really lovely! Good luck with moving.

    Have a great weekend,
    Manu Luize

  6. Love the dress, the perfect summer casual/chic.
    xo K

  7. New York and LA. . .my two favourite cities. . .lucky, lucky girl! What an adventure your life must be, and how exciting to be able to live in those wonderful cities. LOVE your dress too! The print and colours are beautiful!

    xo Jenny

  8. Moving is so exciting and it is a sure fire way to grow as a person. I'm looking forward to reading about L.A style. Nothing can beat New York fashion though, can it?

  9. that is a gorgeous dress! good luck with the move!

  10. Best wishes with the new adventure! New York is certainly great and one of a kind, but who could pass up the warm L.A. sunshiny weather:) Gorgeous dress! xo Marisa

  11. Hello Mimi!! Thanks a lot for your visit and kind comment on my blog!! I'm following you and hope you follow me back too!!;-)
    From time to time I also like to get out my "comfort zone" and try different things... Well done darling!!

  12. I would die to move to LA! Such a great place. Love this dress!

  13. I just realized how long it had been since I had visited and read your blog... moving to LA!
    I love how you mention that you grew a pair in NY! I have heard so many stories about NYers being tough, and whenever I have visited I have seen that most are pretty straight forward and have no time to waste. I guess big cities sometimes do that to you...
    So, maybe you had to come to NY to grow a pair and now you will go to LA and grab it by the balls.


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