Layering and Clueless Moments

Top: Alicia & Megan, Vest: April May, Boots: Cole Haan

Layering tops and jewelry today. Its nice and cool out, so I had to go back to my favorite "uniform" of leggings and boots. I had to show the back bc I love that this top is longer in the back to cover the bum:)

I had a "Clueless" (remember that movie), moment last night. We pulled up behind black escalades and men in suits with head-sets. I insisted to my husband that they were the valet, got out as gracefully as possible (making sure to cross my legs as to not pull a Brittany) and we tried to give them our keys. I even started wobbling in my 5 inch heels towards the doors of the event we were going to.

The guy kept trying to tell us something, but we weren't quite sure what he was saying. Sadly, the guys were not valet but security for people much more famous than ourselves and we were very rudely asked to move our car as others watched on. Nice! Gotta love those moments in life!

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  1. Gorgeous! Love your tunic and vest.

  2. I love Clueless back in the day :-) That vest is adorable...makes me wanna run out and get one. Too bad I;m on a shopping ban right now. :-/

  3. amazing top :)

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  4. I love the vest and top together, the colors go together so well!! I found your blog through EBEW and I am a new follower, it would make my day if you could check out my blog as well:)

  5. what a pretty top! I love it! and now I want to watch the movie clueless. ;)

  6. Mimi! Long time no comment! I tried to comment months ago when I noticed that you were pregnant but it went into an Internet black hole. Then I was going to comment after your had Beau(?) and saw that you were moving to LA. Now you're in LA and I'm finally getting around to commenting!

    Hope all is well. You look fab as always!

  7. haha, oh dear! I hope there weren't any other people around to witness the exchange!
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  8. LOL. Too funny. I have Clueless moments all the time. You look beautiful in this layered outfit. The patterns on that top looks great.
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  9. Love, love, love this outfit.... the layering is genius and the jewelry is just perfect plus it has a cool LA vibe :)
    Oh and i am sorry you had to go through a moment like that... when you just want the earth to open up and swallow you, i have had too many of those/.

  10. Love this outfit, so hippie chic, unfortunately I can't wear it, it looks awful on me... But you, just great ;)

    Thank you for passing by!



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