Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

I know I've been wearing this vest a lot. It just seems to go with everything in my closet....

Our Thanksgiving was very laid back. Although we did cook a ginormous meal, and I have to say we did a good job. The  mother in me came out like never before. I mean, I was barking out orders (nicely I think....hahaha), making people pose for pictures, and obsessing over my gravy! Really, this new side of me is a far cry from the girl who thought registering for wedding presents was lame because bake ware was boring!

I had fall paraphernalia all over the house! I even set our breakfast table: (I tried to take pics of the dinner table, but we ate outside and the lighting wasnt working).

Sad to put away my little turkeys, but excited to start Christmas Season!!!!


  1. The vest works- so i see why you would wear it over and over again. Specially in that gorgeous gem color...
    I spent Thanksgiving in Las Vegas, stood in line for 3 hours for a table at the Wicked Spoon, i thought i was going to faint.


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