Beaux and I in front of Commerce (one of our fav nyc joints)
Love the snakeskin print on this green necklace

Grey and black and green all over

These photos are not my best quality, but still wanted to share. Being back in nyc, brings out the desire to wear all black and grey again...but at least I added the green necklace and bag.

Hope your holidays are bright and cheery, even if you dont wear anything other than black and grey in winter:)

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  1. Beaux is getting so big!! Are you spending the holidays in ny? This jacket is fabulous!

  2. Stopping by from EBEW.

    Love that necklace, that shade of green is beautiful! And I can understand why you'd miss NYC, I grew up in San Diego and loved it, but finally got to visit NYC this summer... I may have been kicking and screaming when we left! Southern California is a great place to live too, there's so much to do, and it's easy to be spoiled by the weather!

  3. New York sounds a bit like Melbourne. Black is the only colour to be worn if you want to be taken seriously in the fashion industry.

  4. Baby B is soo big and cute !
    I knew it was NY the moment I saw the pictures, I cn only imagine how happy you were to be back.
    Happy New Year/


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