A Gentle Roughness

Cardigan: Jcrew, Camo Top: Equipment, Denim: Sewy, Booties: Matt Bernson, Necklace: Anthro
A gentle roughness describes me well I think (at least today it does). I mean well ALWAYS, even if I come off a bit straightforward, and I think hope I am sweet in my delivery. 
Not such a coincidence then, that I would combine a camo/army top with pastel ice cream pants. (Any color this cutesy and sweet reminds me of ice cream.) 

Its kind of a random mix but thats what I like so much about this decade in fashion. We get a lot of freedom in mixing and matching, and sometimes less than perfect just WORKS. Man, too bad my high school years occurred when they did! Fashion risks were non-existent in the 90s. At least not in my polo shirt/ Birkenstock clad high school (Blah!!). Anyway, below are my ice cream pants:

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  1. I love the colors!


  2. great outfit, amazing necklace

  3. great statement necklace, and i love you sherbert pants!
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