If I Didnt Need Sleep

Recently I noticed how darn creative I am past 10 pm...

As I drift off to sleep I find myself
1. Dreaming up amazing jewelry designs
2. Writing some seriously amazing lyrics to made up songs in my head...haha, I have no idea where this comes from!
3. Contemplating the meaning of life, and I JUST TOTALLY GET IT!
4. Setting up the next day to be a total slam dunk, I just know I'll be cooking, baking, excersing, working on my jewelry and my blog, all the while having TONS of time to spend with my baby boy.

THEN I WAKE UP...Foggy, tired and confused...what was it I'm supposed to do today? 

Oh well, at least my outfit's cute:


  1. Aaaaahahaha, story of my life. There are a million things I wanted to do today, but actually I'm going to spend the whole morning in bed.

  2. That pants fits you perfect. And I like that tshirt too. Have a great day.

  3. You look amazing, nice top !!

  4. Oh that's such a familiar story!

    p.s. thanks so much for your sweet comment on my post.x

  5. Ha! I'm right there with you... I'm usually all kinds of brilliant as I'm dozing off to sleep. ;) I love that top!

  6. hahahaha that sounds exactly like me every night!!! BTW, this outfit is adorable! Love the shirt and necklace!


    Runway Chef


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