Someone Alert Sorrority Standards

Someone please alert the standards police...
you guys know who you are, the same people who partied with me in college who the very next day turned around and "punished me" for having a drink in my hand at a party, even though you had a drink in your hand as well...I get that you had to follow the rules, but the hypocracy of it all infuriated me. "Ew" is all I can say to the ones who participated the most in that two-faced part of my dear old sorrority days. Maybe you gals really should get into politics...

Beaux, the Hubs, and I Partied ALL WEEKEND  long! I kid you not, all we DID this weekend was party. We went to, count 'em...TWO childrens birthday parties this weekend, and one even had an appearence from non other than Elmo himself. Oh, and we loved every second of it!

Above is what I wore to one of them... I wanted to be colorful and festive but still able to bend down and chase baby Beaux around ALL OVER THE PLACE. The outfit served it's purpose well. 

Thats about all we did this weekend actually, and I have to say...this weekend totally rocked!
Far cry from my old sorrority days!


  1. I love this look!!!!
    Cme and see me too and If you want we can follow each other ?:)

  2. what a perfect party that top! The older they get, the more parties you will have to go to!!

  3. Great outfit, love the cardi..great color!

    Would you like to follow each other?
    Come and visit my blog and let me know...

  4. I love the shirt, it's so cute and the pastel colous look really great. Whoo for partying all weekeend, even it was one that involved balloons, party hats and children.

    Corinne x

  5. Love love love your style! I just found you, and after scrolling through about 10 posts, I see we have about 5 items at least in common. Can't wait to see more!


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