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I got this long dress at a tiny boutique in Pacific Palisades.  They actually made a movie featuring it (not the dress, the store).  Did anyone watch "This is 40"? It's the cute little boutique Leslie Mann's charcter owned and Meghan Fox's character worked in. 

Anyway, the dress suits me, I love the vibe to it and its very comfortable. A year ago I would've thought that the tomato red bag would've been too much. But I'm kind of liking all this color:)

PS I'm wearing my necklace again. I'm not ready to part with it yet, so I'm gonna have to get more stones while I'm in new york so I can make a few more and sell them:)

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  1. Long dresses are my favourite!!!
    I like this one a lot!!

  2. Adore tat bag! Do you have a link?

  3. Oh wow. Ths dress is amazing. Love your style!
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    Have a great week.

  4. Just beautiful - i like how you layered this dress.
    It's funny how sometimes we buy things and then think we'll never wear them or that they are "over the top" and then cannot live without them!


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