My Chunky Chain Necklace

When I find the time to be creative, I feel balanced. 
This necklace is a recent creation and I am proud of it. At times I minimize my title as mom, and wonder if I'm that well rounded person we all want to be. I tend to forget that 1) "Mom" is the most important title in the world to me 
and    2)  that I never lost sight of the other many roles I play even if I dont get around to them as often as I like. 

Making jewelry is an outlet for me, and wearing the jewelry I make is so much more rewarding than wearing a store bought version, not to mention one of a kind:)
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  1. So glad to hear other moms talk about motherhood - and the fact that they all need another outlet to balance such a demanding "job."

    What a beautiful necklace! I had no idea emerald (or dark green) looks so good with gold. Good job.

  2. It's a very beautiful necklace, so lovely on you :) x

  3. amazing neckpiece seriously :)

  4. This rock necklace is gorgeous ;) and you can have as many titles as you want, as long as you chose them.


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