Dressed Up Nikes

Jacket: Top: Funktional (hereDenim: Frankie B, Sneakers: Nike

My first thought when I saw the wedged sneaker, was "Heeeeeeeell No." That kind of changed after I saw some real life bloggers wearing them as opposed to seeing them in magazines. Then my husband brought this exact pair home for me, and for some reason I just started jumping up and down. 

Maybe my excitement stemmed from a hidden desire to give in to the trend, or maybe I was just super excited to get an unexpected gift. Regardles the reason, I'm happy to say they are so comfprtable and I dont feel ridiculous wearing them!! I actually think these ended up being my go-to shoe for my recent trip to Europe:)

Below are some other great ways to wear them:

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  1. I'm not a fan on them but aren't against them either. I really like them in this outfit and these from Nike are really nice, I wouldn't mind having a pair myself:)

    kudos to the hubby:) for being so sweet!

  2. I think you wear them well, but I will skip the trend.
    Then again i just do not like sneakers, no kind.

  3. I wanted to live the trend in my but it just looked silly. But you look fabulous styling those fun shoes!!

  4. Haha, that was my first thought when I first saw wedge sneakers! But I have to admit they're starting to grow on least certain styles...they look great on you!!

    - Regina


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