No Longer Just For Lounging

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Sweatshirts are no longer just for camping trips, sick days or sporting events. They've gotten bedazzled (I hate that word, but its the only one that I can think of that really defines what I mean). 

Above are the highend, feel like splurging sweatshirts/Below are the resonably priced.
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 I'll never feel as confident as I do when I am comfortable. 
 If I have an event to go to that makes me a little nervous for some reason, I choose the most comfortable outfit I can (while still having respect for the occasion), as opposed to going all out in sky high heels and a tight dress. The comfort of my clothing seems to  put me at ease, and makes for a much better time. 

I also feel like it makes a statement: I am doing/wearing what works for me, because I'm comfortable with who I am. So I cant help but LOVE that designers have gone all out, making these gorgeous sweatshirts that make you feel comfortable and pretty at the same time.

Here are some looks that show how easy it is to dress up one of the comfy sweatshirts you probably already have at home...

(Olivia Palermo looks comfy and sophisticated at the same time)

(This girl went for a comfy yet super feminine look)

(And this look is sporty and comfy but the bracelet gives it a dressed up vibe)

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  1. You know, I don't think I've worn a sweatshirt for years! This definitely changed my mind and I LOVE the last pic where she's dressing it up with a pretty gold bracelet. I just might look into getting some pretty sweatshirts to wear for comfy and dressed up occasions. Great post! Following your fab blog now. *wink*
    - Regina

  2. I feel the same way - not pretty unless I'm comfortable. So glad to see all the comfort wear becoming more and more fashionable. I like the No. 2 the best.

    By the way, AWESOME new design. I like that you didn't go too far from the last one, but still jazzed up the image.

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  3. I really love the new sweatshirts that are out. They're so cute.

  4. olivia always looks so amazing in everything

  5. You've got an interesting point - if indeed you are comfortable you will be confident - i never thought of it that way, specially when going out to maybe a cocktail party..


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