A basic dress can look so different depending on how it's styled. 

I love mixing greens and blues. This feather necklace I bought from Topshop 2 years ago stands out just the right amount without being too distracting. And it actually matches my Zara sandals which are green as well (and sadly no longer available).

I think this has been one of my favorite outfits so far this year. It's not super spectacular, but for me its just the right amount of trends paired with basics. I'm going to start keeping that in mind from now on: Balance trends with the basics.

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  1. This looks great, is t it the best to find a favorite outfit! The mix of blues is perfection here.

  2. Love this! I really like the dress in the similar style too. Have a great weekend!

  3. Love blue and green together! You look so cute! Have a great weekend!


  4. I agree, this look has just the right mix, dressy pieces with comfy layers and a cool statement necklace.
    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Lovely outfit....hope you are having a great week:)

  6. Gorgeous dress
    love your style

  7. Balancing trends with basics.... i think you just hit jackpot.
    BTW, the look is one of my faves too.


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