You had me at "I hate that bitch too!" This post is for my girlfriends, I'd love to gift you all of these great things:) 

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Theres a few periods in life where making new girlfriends gets tricky. 

There's that awkward stage right after school or college when you are busy trying to be a professional/grown up and you think you have left your party years behind. You have some friends that are already getting married, some with babies, and some that are single. You take jobs far away from your school buds or they leave you for a far away job.  You accidentally lose touch with some and you very purposefully remove yourself from others.

Then, I imagine, it gets tough again later in life. Maybe its tough to re-connect with friends for those who focused on their children whom have grown up and moved along. Maybe its tough for those who got caught up in their jobs and once their careers wind down they re-evaluate what they want to do with their lives and who they want to spend it with. 

 Right now I am in a stage where it's actually somewhat easy to connect with women.  Being that I'm far away from family, I'm forever grateful for thisI find that I can almost instantly tell whether or not I'm going to hit it off with someone. I find I know exactly what traits I don't want in a friend, and I find that all mommies NEED girlfriends and very badly want to bond. Whether it's over teething, pre-school problems, or gossiping about a teacher and/or some know it all super mom, we just crave women who know what its like to be in our position and we bond like hell!

Whether or not you have children, I think most of you can relate to this T Shirt in my collage above. Better yet, let me feature it all by itself:


  1. I love what you said today, perfect!! but i especially love that t shirt

  2. Oh I love this post and I LOVE that shirt! I feel like that is exactly how my closest girls and I are and feel when we gossip. It's perfect!

  3. ha ha that t-shirt made me laugh too. I'm curious, you say you're finding it easy to connect with other moms...where do you meet them?! We moved away from family and friends and none of our friends in the city where we live have kids, i'm finding it tricky to meet other moms since everyone we hang around or meet is also childless.

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  4. Lovely post, that shirt is so cool!
    Also thanks so much for following my blog... That means so much to me and I´m really happy to have you as a new reader :)

  5. @Emmett Katherine, I've met moms through friends of friends, classes like gymboree or mommy groups, and even at the park. We also have neighbors who introduced themselves when we first moved. I've been pretty proo-active and have invited someone i just met to luch or a play date:)


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