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I'm not getting any snow this year for Christmas, but some clothing and accessories make make me feel like its winter. I love fur and flannel and anything sparkly this time of year. These are some "wintery" items I'm wanting:

This sweater is so unique and looks so comfy.
This fur clutch is a Chloe, one of my favorite handbag brands.
The white and gold in this cuff looks so fresh and crisp, 
I WANT this will look awesome over a dress or a top and pants and its so cozy looking!
There are lots of sparkly dresses out there but this one has such a beautiful silhouette and the little bit of black background helps add some contrast.
I love this necklace
I havent seen pumps like this, and want them now. Love the grey suede with the crisp white gemstones.

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  1. Love all of these picks! I can't gen enough fur right now, and those shoes are fabulous! Love the dress too. Great picks!


  2. Such a cute sweater and necklace - what awesome finds!

  3. Ah, I love that dress!

    I have a new blog. No shopping for 1 year... will def need some help to make it :)

  4. the grey sweatshirt with the lace is really pretty :)


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