Christmas Party Inspiration

Thoughts of an all white Christmas party have been floating through my head lately...
So here's my dream winter wonderland themed party:

 Sitting in these "wing backed" chairs... you can purchase angel wings from a costume store but I found them here on amazon for a decent price...
Wearing this silvery gold dress (buy here)
...this silouette is super flattering...
Serving up all white desserts on a buffet table for sweets only...
Eating off these gorgeous plates...
And sending out these amazing handmade snowball invitations...you can buy them here
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  1. This is so beautiful, I love it all :)) xx

  2. What a beautiful setting to host a dinner in - i think the angel wings idea is superb.
    Once I was a host for a "Spanish Style" Bachelorette party and we had Spanish mantillas look a like on each chair .... it looked really cool.

  3. such pretty inspiration photos! I love the look of winter white and gold, and those angel wings are the prefect finishing touch!


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