Sweet Sales Going on Now

You'd think that in February, retailers would jack up the prices of anything that would make a great Valentines gift or of anything perfect to wear on Valentines Day.

Luckily, you can ALWAYS find a good sale. Below are some of my favorite sale items on the web:

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These earrings are kind of bohemian and kind of sweet...
For 13$ this scarf is going to be MINE and maybe I'll give it as a gift too. It has little wishbones all over it! It's like giving someone a good luck charm!
This dress IS Valentines day.
I just love this cuff. It's unique, and very cool.
This deal on Tarte Cosmetics is pretty awesome, its about 30% off and is a nice gift. Plus I love the little coin purse.

Oh, and below are a few more deals for Valentines Day. They end on or around the 10th...

Bath and body works: Coupon25 for 25% off with some exclusions
BCBG: FORKEEPS30 for 20% off Valentines Day styles

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  1. what a charming bracelet and great makeup bag! I love top shop the sales.
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. You are right this dress is PERFECT for valentines day. Love it.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  3. Lovely items, the dress is gorgeous!! Happy weekend xx

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  5. I had kind of forgotten about Valentines day… i love the wishbone scarf too.


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