The Littlest Things

Some of the little things that make me happy this week:
Loving my bathroom candles and flowers, not to mention our new wallpaper...

I'm displaying my latest necklace in this room because its my favorite room right now and when I walk in and see my work I feel inspired to do more. 

These flowers from the farmers market have been making my week... 

I displayed them on the console behind my couch, along with this amazing candle from pottery barn.
I put the same configuration of tray, flower arrangement and candle, on opposing sides of the console... (Its all very "floral" in here but I find that it brightens up all of our moods.) You can get the candles here at Pottery Barn.

And I finally found a pair of cat eye sunglasses! They have everything I want in a pair: Not too over sized for my face, leopard print, and soft-toned sides. Cat-eye glasses rarely fit my face right, so these are a real find. You can get them here at anthro.

Happy Hump Day!
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  1. Beautiful pictures. Love the wallpaper. And, I too love my gold vase.

  2. I love that wall paper !
    and at the end its the little things we learn to appreciate that make our lives more beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous photos:) Have a lovely weekend!

  4. ooh love the decor in your bathroom!! :D


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