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I realize there's a lot of leopard going on here... but I'm loving all these items and they actually dont look bad all together. Normally I'd say to only wear one leopard piece at a time, but anything goes if you love what you're wearing and have the confidence to wear it.

This sweater is basic enough to wear with leopard print and the large circles on it kinda maintain a sense of balance when paired with smaller prints.
This beanie would be MINE if I still lived in New York. I haven't seen a cuter one yet!
I want these pants. They'd go with so many things.
This black tote with tan panels tie this whole look together.
In real life I may not pair this watch with this outfit,  I just couldnt resist posting it bc its really cute and surprisingly doesnt clash with the rest of my picks...
I'm so sad they dont have these boots in my size...I'm hunting them down!

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  1. loveee those jeans!! so cute. I'm your new follower! thanks for checking me out =)

  2. Cute outfit! I love the watch and bag! Such cute and yet simple accessories!

  3. I think that beanie is kind of ridiculous, but it's certainly a statement item! Also... yes to that sweater!

    belle + compass

  4. I adore the watch! and I agree that if one chooses clothes wisely, one can combine multiple leopard printed pieces. but its not for everyone. And chances are it will come out looking tacky. However, this outfit is really nice.

  5. i love that bag!!

    if you ever have time could you check out my blog pls and maybe give me some advice?! thankyou xx

  6. Great picks! I love leopard print too. I most want the bag and the watch in your collection of items. I am a fan of watches and love getting more unique ones.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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