Party Inspiration: Flower Arranging With Friends

 Party Inspiration: Spring Flower Arranging Brunch with girlfriends.

 I'd wear this exact outfit:

We'd all sit at this beautifully done table...
 I'd hand out flower arranging kits similar to these at bhg.com
I'd take random items around the house, like used up perfume bottles and put them on the table vase options...
I'd put out this "arrangement" of cookies in the center of my dessert table, bc every party of mine has to have a dessert table...
I'd rent vintage furniture and move it outside so we can all relax on comfy chairs in the sun after all our hard work.
While drinking cocktails with flower garnishes of coarse!

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  1. These are so beautiful. I love flowers for decoration in different ways other than just in vases. The flower cookies are yummy!! Have a great day doll xx

  2. This would seriously be the best party ever. Sign me up! :)


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