Hawaii Looks

Tote//Hawaiin Bracelets //Shorts//Tote//Sandals//SPF Lip Balm

My weekend wish list above...All I can think about is tropical and carefree. Hawaii will do that to a person. Happy Friday!


  1. Ugh, beyond jealous that you are in Hawaii! We went there last summer on our honeymoon and totally fell in love. Speaking of love.. those pineapple shorts, so cute! Have a great weekend :)

  2. those pineapple shorts are just too cute! love the bag & flip flops too!

  3. Those shorts are so fun! Hope you had a nice weekend!

  4. These are so sweet, love the tote bag and shorts :)) xx

  5. Great picture list ! They remind me on summer, sea and sand :)

  6. The arm candy is my fave.
    But for some reason when its really hot I cannot wear anything on my wrists… it makes me feel even hotter.


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