Summer Scarves

A few years ago, I bought a scarf for my sister in law for her birthday. I'm pretty sure she thought I was nuts, because A) She lives in Florida and B) She lives in Florida.  I dont think she believed me when I said that a light-weight scarf over a tank top is actually functional and not that difficult to wear in hot weather. I bought the above scarf last summer and wore it with everything from dresses to a tank top and jeans...

But because one persons opinion on this topic may not be enough, I found some other great examples of outfits and summer scarves:

I love a relaxed open scarf over a baggy dress...
This photo below is proof that a scarf with shorts is perfectly acceptable:
And looks amazing with a tank and denim....
Or layered over a couple of lightweigt tops and a skirt:


  1. You're right that lightweight scarves are a great accessory for the summer. I love that first picture with the scarf draped over the dress:) Hope you're having a great day!

  2. Living in hot weather all year round, I have to say it took a while for me to understand the trend but now i am all for it.

  3. Love scarves ! Great idea !

  4. A scarf can really jazz up an outfit! Love these!

  5. Love what summer scarves can bring to an outfit


  6. I'm a big fan of scarves year-round! I have spring/summer and fall/winter collections :) I love how they can dress up any outfit!

  7. i loove scarves! it's one of my favorite accessories!


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