Breezy Summer Sailing

I always view summer as a time to just enjoy life. It probably dates back to my school days where it was ingrained in my mind that if you work hard from Sept-June, you get to play hard for a few months. This is the time where I feel least motivated to do anything other than play, and every year I end up being hard on myself about it. I always get mad at myself for not using the summer to try as hard if not harder to achieve my goals.  But this year, I've decided that my BIGGEST goal actually goes hand in hand with my earliest ideas of summer: 

My Biggest goal is peace.  Moreover, peace within myself...I dont want to worry about the "shoulds" in life, I dont want to compare myself to anyone else, I dont want to apologize for or hide my many blessings, and I dont want to fear or worry about any of the things I wish to improve on. I just want to be present and move forward at my own natural pace. 

The above look exudes exactly what I think summer should be: Fun, Breezy, and peaceful. Sol Angeles makes my adorable sail boat tank and it is a brand that makes clothes that feel like summer.  I'm so drawn to their relaxed, comfy style. You can see more from the brand here.

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  1. That is a great summer goal and one I need to adopt as well. It is too easy to get caught up in all of the things we "should" be doing and just sit back and enjoy. I really like this dress. It is a perfect easy summer look!

    Nicole to the Nines

  2. You look gorgeous doll!! I hope you reach your goals too...getting the peace within yourself takes a lot of weight off the shoulders...I hope you get there & I know you can :))) xx

  3. You have said wonderfully - peace, total independence from what anyone thinks, doing your things the way you think you should.
    Hugs, you're looking lovely and enjoy summer of course, i think you are on the right path.

  4. Peace and tranquility are so important to me. They were definitely part of my New Years Resolution! Love your philosophy. I believe in it. Really cute outfit. I love your tank! So pretty.

  5. Love your summery outfit !!! very cute bracelet and bag


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