Night Out In New York

What to wear this summer in New York for a night out with friends? The thing I love about New York is that really, anything goes. My out of town friends dont always believe me, and I guess thats because what I really mean is, no one cares unless you walk in somewhere nice wearing shorts, a T-shirt and sneakers. And my guess is you wouldnt wear that out with friends in your hometown anyway:) 

Being that I'm currently in New York, and I've been heading out the past couple of nights, I've been pulling out some fun outfits and also wishing I had a jumpsuit. Ive decided that I'm getting one because once you find one that flatters you, you are set for years...Its such a fun twist on an LBD and a great alternative to pants and a top!


  1. We're thinking alike !
    Just last weekend I went to a friends birthday dressed with a black jumper and similar accessories :)


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