Weekend Snapshots

The weekend already seems like it was light years away, we attended a destination wedding in Cabo, and I only now just got around to sitting for a few minutes to share some pictures. I love Cabo, and my two year old loves that its only a 2 hour plane ride!
This first picture was taken at dinner at the Esperanza Resort. Its such a festive, fun experience and the food and live mariachi band are amazing. I highly suggest going, they do this fiesta every Thursday night....
This picture below is what dinner with a 2 year old is usually like (except its normally without the margarita)...
And I had to include some pictures of the view from our balcony at The One & Only hotel....

Looking at these photos make me want to go back now...but sadly, vacation isn't real life.  If it were, then none of us would appreciate it anyway.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Hahah, loved the margarita with toy cars. Too cute! Looks like a fab weekend!

  2. ahhh gorgeous place for a vacay/wedding...hahaha I take mya out to eat all the are a must!

  3. The weekend looked like bliss, very beautiful. You look lovely doll xx

  4. Well you sure look fab in that white skirt ! oh and your pictures are so breathtaking! I have never been to Cabo but all I hear about it are good things ) glad you were able to enjoy!

  5. The water looks so nice!

    Love your blue clutch :)

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