Appreciating Life and the Smalll Things

My new cell phone it's not an iPhone 5, but everyone comments on this cool design from Nasty Gal

This fall arrangement I did over the hued roses look awesome with fall florals.
This asymmetrical necklace I made a while back...
A Fall brunch at my place with friends...setting a pretty table always brings me joy, (Do I sound like a mom yet?)
And here is as I like to call it my Glam-Pumpkin...metallic and shiny just the way I like my jewelry.

Posting some happy things to reflect on this monday because...

Sadly, I got some news that an old high school friend passed away.  Our friendship actually started in middle school, when I was pimply and awkward and afraid of talking to boys. He was one of the only people who was nice to me when I was starting off that first year in a new school (12 year old girls can be mean and nasty) and he was always a source of comfort to me that year. 

Even in the years after when I had come into my own and the awkwardness subsided, I still felt such a great feeling a warmth when we were together. Sadly, I moved away and our only contact was on Facebook where even there, he left friendly comments that were always so genuine and made me smile. Funny, after so many years and seemingly lifetimes away from each other, I still feel like I lost a good friend. 

Hope your week goes well, that you appreciate all the good things in life and gloss over the small stuff that troubles you. Because the only small things in life you should focus on, are the ones that make you happy:)


  1. Loving your necklace and cell phone case! I love gold pumpkins.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. There are people who are significant in our lives, if only briefly that we will remember forever. I have a few of those too.


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