Mix and Match Holiday Fashion

Every time I'm in New York, I get a little extra excited about fashion.  The shopping and the weather, and the fun festive vibe (not to mention the amazing selection of stores), makes me want to dress extra luxe and fashionable...Stores like Searle and Henri Bendel, have the most luxurious, unique, only in new york pieces that I adore. I meant to take my out of town girlfriends to both these stores during their visit, but we got carried away with drinking wine, eating food and drinking more wine all the other great stuff to do in NYC! 

Since we only did about a quarter of the shopping intended, I selected some holiday pieces online from some of these great stores that can be mixed and matched and used throughout the new year. Searle has the best collection of sweaters and cashmere, like this one, and these Gloves are the prettiest I've ever seen! They'd make an amazing gift:)


  1. awesome items.. ;-)


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  2. I can picture the tweed coat wit the earrings and the clutch.. voilá a great look.


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