Hats and Pattern Mixing: Making an Outfit Unique

Wearing hats was never my thing until I moved to New York. Even now, that I live in LA, I still like to throw one on if the weather is a little chilly or even in the summer to shield my face from sun. I think they help make an outfit your own. I've seen this J Crew  Flannel Shirt being worn by everyone but I still love it, and finally broke down and purchased it on sale because I knew I could make it my own as long as i didnt pair it with denim all the time...

I think mixing a basic with the unexpected always makes even the most common item unique.  Speaking of unexpected, I'm getting tons of compliments on this Double Ring and wish I could say I had made it myself...I love rings that are worn on more than one finger and plan to make some more soon. This Necklace is from my own collection though and in January there will be more to come! 

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