Keep Warm and Snuggle Up

Happy Sunday! I'm displaying some Internet inspiration today to warm us all up....

Seems as though its been quite cold most places. At least it has been in all the cities I've ever lived in. Strangely I always want to know what the weather is like in a city I've moved away from. I guess its because I always want to see what I would be doing if I still lived there.

 If you had the opportunity to see what your life would have been like if you chose a different path, would you want to?
Regardless of the answer, perhaps this door says it best...


  1. nice pics.. ;0-))


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  2. These are beautiful, love the sweaters :) And the door is awesome, I agree :))) Happy Monday doll xx

  3. Great advice! It's been cold here, but finally reached 70 degrees today. However, it's going to dip back to the 50's tomorrow. Guess, it's still better than other places. LOL

  4. Love these pics!! That necklace and sweater though are gorgeous. xo

  5. Great choice of images.
    And YES, if I could I would like to see what other doors had for me :)


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