Weekend Reading

How to Set the Perfect Table - Every year I hope to grow and become more of that adult I keep thinking I'm supposed to be (wait, I'm not 21 anymore)? Figuring this is a good skill to know...
Top 50 hotels in 2014 - My husband asked me what my dream travel plans would be for 2015. Think this list might be a good start...might need to get my butt to some of these this year!
Speedy Scarf Makeovers - Got time on the weekend when its cold outside? These scarf makeover ideas are adorable and look pretty easy to do.
5 Best Fragrances of 2014 - I'm becoming more and more a believer in how fragrance affects not only your mood but your confidence and possibly even other peoples perception of you...Should you buy one of these or search for the latest and greatest for the coming year?
What I Learned From Purging Most of My Stuff (and Why I Wished I Hadn't) is an article I stumbled upon in the midst of last week, which was a week I had dedicated to purging the house and becoming more organized. (I still purged, but thought twice about letting go of anything that maybe not now, but someday will be sentimental to me)


  1. Gotta read Top 50 Hotels! It's cool to find new places to travel to and stay.

  2. fine photo.. ;))


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  3. Oh I want to read the purging one...I love organizing...and hoarding clothes at the same time!


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