Cool Valentine Day Gifts For Guys

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Alexander Wang Shirt - comfortable and super high quality, what guy doesnt need a few of those?
Aquarium- fun and modern and would look great on an office desk.
Flying Pig-A lot of people say they'll meet the right person when pigs fly...well, pigs flew because I met the right man in my twenties!
Cool Frame- I think this says it all.
Sleek Sunglasses - Ray Bans seem to look cool on everyone, no matter the face shape, so these are a no brainer.
I Phone Photo Projector - what a fun little gadget that makes it easy to show all your pictures at a group meeting, birthday party, wedding, conference, wherever you want! Oh and did I mention its 26 bucks?!


  1. I've been eyeing that iPhone photo projector for a few days now… however, the choice has been made, its perfume this year!

  2. You're in for a treat with the brown suede skirt - email me your address and I will happily sent it your way.
    This was my last wear for it :)


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