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So, I've been a little off the grid lately as I am pregnant! Yup, fourteen weeks along and I already look like I did when I was five months pregnant. The tum just popped on out this time!

No sugar coating here: Trimester One SUCKED! Yeah, I hated it. With a passion. I basically checked out for a bit as I tried very hard to keep food or water down. Which, I managed to do if I ate small meals every couple hours.  My social life took a beating, my child watched more TV than I would ever normally allow and I weeped over every slightly touching commercial. 

I tried every natural remedy in the book and then some. Some worked a bit, but the most helpful was acupuncture. What I've come to believe after lots of research on morning sickness, is that one should aim to be in tip-top health before pregnancy to hopefully avoid morning all day sickness. Meaning no deficiencies beforehand and a clean liver.  Click here for a great read on morining sickness if you would like more information.

The only thing I know was different this pregnancy is that right before getting pregnant I went to Napa Valley and drank wine for a week. I didnt get wasted but I drank more than I am typically used to. Sadly, I've read that if the liver gets overloaded pre-pregnancy it has more trouble filtering out all the excess hormones involved in the first trimester. (I've read that a liver cleanse with Milk Thistle can help, but it only helps before pregnancy, so I guess I missed the boat).

 As far as deficiencies go, the common thread I found in my reading is that magnesium levels need to be normal or even high beforehand. The majority of people have low levels to begin with. Thats why I found epsom salt baths so helpful, as they raised my levels temporarily. 

Anyway, I'm finally better, and looking forward to all the fun stuff: decorating, planning, thinking of names, and dressing my bump!


  1. sweet...congratulations, this is wonderful :))) You look adorable and I'm glad you got through the yucky part of being unwell, I hated that and thought it would never end. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is peaceful and healthy!! xx

  2. Congratulations! So exciting! Although it's a shame you've been so unwell! I had terrible morning (all day!) sickness for a long time with my pregnancy. I found acupressure really helpful too, it meant I could keep a little bit of food down which was good.

    So exciting, lots to do before baby arrives!

    Away From The Blue

  3. Wow, no wonder you were a little MIA - congratulations on Beau's new sibling :)
    I hope you're feeling better now.

  4. Congrats! Beautiful bump! :-)


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