Monday Inspiration

After what, for many of us, was a beautiful weekend, I figured we could use a little bit of monday inspiration. (Plus I'm feeling a little like my old pre-pregnant self, and I'm ready to be motivated). I've got some fun links to be shared that inspire and get us ready for a lovely Spring:

1. 10 Tips to Organize your Vanity - couldn't have come at a better time, its spring and I need to organize! 
2. Coconut Oil Chocolate Bark - a healthy less guilty treat, ts actually good for you! Coconut oil is a healthy fat that is good for your skin, stress levels, cholesterol levels and more. 
3. La Petite Bloom Workshop - this workshop is one I hope to attend someday. It includes learning calligraphy, arranging flowers and meeting people who enjoy the little things in life that make life sweet. 
4. 5 Reasons To Detox from your Phone - spring cleaning can apply to your lifestyle too, a phone detox would do wonders for myself and many of those around me:)
5. When to Toss your Make-Up - I probably hang on to mine a little too long, its not healthy, could cause infection, and we all need an excuse to buy new fun make-up anyway:)


  1. These are great! Especially the when to toss your makeup one. I definitely hold on too long....

  2. These are wonderful. I really need to go through my make-up and toss some things!! This is great :) xx


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