Making Magic Happen

Did I mention I'm having another boy?! I probably didnt and thats because I've been so busy (and so exhausted as well). But yes, another little tiny man running around the house causing a ruckus. I've always loved little boys. Something about these little people who will one day be big, strong men, who are so sweet and love their mama sooooo much, just makes me smile. 

 But, I've decided this means I need to up my game: I need to become a better cook, because even grown boys love to come home for moms cooking (this will truly be me making magic happen)!  I need to brush up on my sports knowledge...Beaux is 3 and he already started T-ball games. And I need to get thicker skin, because these little rascals are gonna get bumps and bruises a million times along the way and this mama wants to be ready for it!

In the spirit of sports and little boys, I based this look above off a combination of feminine and tomboy.  I love the two paired together and I can see this being a part of my weekend wardrobe for sure!


  1. That jacket is fantastic! I love that you blended sporty pieces with girly accents. The combination is perfection!

  2. Yay a little brother for B !
    You will always be the princess of the house ;)

  3. Hi! Lovely blog, you look so happy!
    Btw I love the t shirt


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