Ruffles, A Green Jacket, and Balenciaga: How to combine Feminine and Masculine Looks

It's been really cold here and people are in scarves, hats and puffer coats. Not me though. For some reason I keep assuming I'll be fine in what I have on and then I end up freezing!

Ruffle Top (20$ on sale)// Jacket//Pants//Bag//Booties

What do you think of this ruffle top? It's on sale for 20 dollars right now?!! WTF? Great quality (from Topshop) and looks soooo much more expensive than its is...

Anyway, Happy Weekend! I'll leave you with this:
"Only mediocrity is sure of itself, 
so take your risks and do what you really want to do." 

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  1. I loved the quote and I agree that top is a steal - great bag Mia.


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