Favorite Beauty Products 2017 AND A Rosegold Ring

What's in my bag you ask? Well, besides crap that really shouldn't be in there like goldfish and some hot wheels...I also happen to keep some of theeeee best makeup products of 2017! 

  1. This concealer/highlighter is the absolute BEST! I use it on my eyelids, on my upper jaw for highlighting and even on my nose and chin. I use number 2 "Luminous Ivory" for my skin tone.
  2. My oscillating/vibrating eyelash primer is expensive (bummer) but worth every penny! I had an eye infection and my eye was drooping, (hated it) so to make up for the difference in eyelid size I used this primer on just one eye. Those lashes ended up growing more...coincidence? Now I use it on both, right before mascara. It actually vibrates and wiggles the lashes as you put it on. I dont wear mascara without it! 
  3. Stila Convertable Color/Lips and Cheeks is another all time favorite. It's moisturizing and blends with my body heat to give a natural flush to the cheeks. I think peony is my favorite but I have a few shades.
  4. Charlotte Tilbury makes a lipstick that doesn't dry out my lips and is the perfect nude lip for me. (I also like to use it with a pinkish/brown liner for a nighttime natural look). Its called the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. LIPSTICK and I use Penelope Pink....

Lipstick// Ring (ON SALE FOR 25$!!)

I also happen to love the glammy rose/gold tube it comes in! 

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  1. I use the Stila Color for lips, cheeks and even lids ! It is a superb product and lasts forever..


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