Not Your Typical Valentine

Hey Everyone! Happy Valentines Day to those of you celebrating! To those who aren't forget I said anything, I'm not even celabrating tonight. Reasons being that 1. life is hectic and crazy and 2. we capped out our dressing up and going out over the weekend and 3. I'm tired! So although you were expecting to see a pink or red dress on here today I can show you what I wore Sunday on a very long, but super fun and kind of glamorous day/evening:

I LOVE how slimming this dress is (if you wear spanx of coarse, LOL). The way it's cut, you can wrap it to hide a belly pooch, and you can always readjust it if needed.

The shoes are Kate Spade, and are a mix between bronze, silver and gold, which gave me some leeway when choosing my accessories. The Valentino clutch is actually silver and gold and my jewelry is a mix between bright gold and bronze. 

When my first choice dress didn't arrive in time, I didn't think this blue one would be dressy enough but I think it worked! This ended up being a really fun outfit.


  1. nice dress..

    Mind to visit my page?
    Mrs. Aa

  2. Great make up and the dress does look fabulous on you !
    You're not the only one that did not celebrate: we made mini hot dogs and stayed home.


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