Weekend Wear:Beauty, Pink, & Spring Fashion Trends

It's so nice to have another pretty day! We are so excited for the weekend around here. The baby has been sick and I'm trying my hardest to keep everyone else from getting it, but other than that, we are on track for a fun couple of days:)

Have you noticed that there are a lot of beauty tips out there suggesting liquefied lipstick? Its THE BEST! It seems to go on smoother and stay on longer...I like this one, but there are a lot out there! I also love this translucent powder to set my makeup in the spring and summer. I find my skin is too dry in the winter for powders, but now is the time I start using them again, and this one is the best!

PS, I'm still loving blush colors! This bag has been on my radar for a while and I'm really considering making the purchase...

Shop the look below:

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