Spring Dress with Slouchy Sweater: AKA The Oslen Effect

Hi everyone, just sharing a few snapshots of what I wore to a baby shower over the weekend. I felt like being a little more relaxed than all dolled up which was a good thing because it was super chill and at a vegan restaurant on the mom to be's side of town. This fringed cardigan is still available in stores but no longer available online. I love it, although I totally look like an Olsen twin here, Lol! 

Only one more day til the weekend and I'm super excited. Although really our weekend kind of starts tomorrow because there's no school, which used to (as a kid) make me like this :0) and now makes me like this :0(

I was counting on Friday to run errands and do adult things and now I'll likely be on a playdate, so i just have to get everything done TODAY! Lord help me, hahaha!

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  1. I'm loving this whole outfit! That dress is gorgeous and the cardigan? LOVE! Pinned! (Or rather, scheduled!)

  2. This is SUCH a beautiful outfit! I love that sweater so much. It looks cute and comfy!

  3. I love the laid back vibe you've got going on here! So cute!



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