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Happy Hump Day! I love sharing with you guys things that make me happy for so many reasons. But the main reason really, is that it reminds me to be appreciative of life. Even the littlest things can add joy, and taking a moment to share them here helps me to appreciate and recognize that although things aren't always perfect...LIFE IS GOOD!
Above is a photo of these RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME SHOES I just purchased, as well as pretty spring flowers and a red yarn bracelet. The bracelet is a symbol I was given at a baby shower to think of my friend who is pregnant and due very soon, and to send her very good vibes. When she does go into labor we (all her friends) will take a moment to channel positivity and wish her well before cutting it off. I thought it was a very cute idea.
And here is my new favorite treat I've been making for myself as of late. I just dont have the time to make delicious chocolate peanut putter protein bars or any of the other healthier sweet treat recipes I see on pinterest. So instead, I grab a high fiber Wasa cracker, slap some peanut butter on it (alone it tastes like styrofoam I must admit) and then sprinkle some chocolate chips. For some crazy reason its really been doing the trick, and it takes waaaaay less time! I also LOVE this cheese board. Get yours here.
And here my friends is my entry table. I've really been digging tulips lately so I've got a few little arrangements scattered around the house. But my entry looks so bright and happy, I just had to share with those of you who are in to home decor. 
Finally this necklace is one of my most recent creations. Check out my shop here for more one of a kind statement pieces!

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  1. so nice pics= DDD


    i invite to me too

  2. Oh I really like how the entrance of your home looks and I agree they tulips add color and cheer.

  3. That cheeseboard is TO DIE for! And so are those adorable shoes :). I'm loving this post, and am totally with you when it comes to focusing on the good things. When I do that the not-so-good things just kind of fade away!

  4. Very nice! Have a lovely Day! 😘😘😘


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